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ABC Disney Office
New York, New York *

Andante/ Epoch Helicon ICF Group
Furniture Design**

AON World Trade Center
Several locations, New York**

Bahrain Waterfront development
Kingdom of Bahrain**

Brunswick ML School
Greenwich CT**

Cento Cultural de Galicia Competition
St. de Compostella, Spain***

Charles Schwab
300 Park Ave, NY &
several locations**

Clearchannel PCR & Son Auditorium
Tribeca, New York*

CNN Offices
Time Warner Building NY, FL*

Columbia University
John Jay Dormitory
New York, New York

Deloitte &Touche Offices
Several locations**

Deerfield Academy
New England**

ESPN Offices
New York*

Glenn Beck Studio
New York*

Goldman Sachs
Office Tower

30 Hudson, New Jersey**

Holocaust Memorial Competition
Berlin, Germany***

IATSE Office
New York, New York*

International Plaza Condo Renovation, New York, New York

Lehman Brothers Office
Time Square, New York**

Lifetime Entertainment Offices

New York, NY*

Museum Project
Hsinchu City, Taiwan***

NATO Headquarter

Brussels, Belgium**

RiskMetrics Inc Offices
New York, New York*

SBS Office
 Miami, Florida*

Sydney Railway Station  Competition  Sydney, Australia***

Telemundo Network Group

Miami, Florida*

WWE World Wrestling

Entertainment Office

Stamford, Connecticut*

Z100 Office

New York, New York*

 *Nadine Homann @MDA, **Nadine Homann @SOM, ***Nadine Homann @Eisenman Architects
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